Turmeric & Honey Soap Bar

Turmeric & Honey Soap Bar

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The Turmeric w/ Honey Soap Bar Is Suitable For Everyday Use. It Works To Eliminate Dark Scars Caused By Breakouts, As Well helping The Skin Retain Moisture. The Antiseptic Properties Within This Soap Is Essential With Battling Acne, Preventing Bacteria From Spreading.  

Pure Luxe. In small batches, we carefully created a special handmade formulation using plant based, cold-pressed ingredients and/or steam distillation. We absolutely love our furry family, and We DO NOT participate in any animal testing. Our products are used to nourish and moisturize sensitive and dry skin, while restoring balance and providing tranquility to your well-being.

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Approximately 5 oz Soap Bar

Directions: using water, lather freely and apply this soap to your face and body. (Please avoid getting this in your eyes-to avoid burning sensation, and your mouth). We recommend using this product daily for face and/or body.  follow up with one of our moisturizers in mind. 

Key Ingredients

Turmeric: Turmeric contains curcumin, which helps rid the skin of discoloration  and lightens the skin over time. It also has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Manuka Honey:  a humectant which draws moisture from the environment directly to the skin, anti-inflammatory properties that soothes irritated and dry skin. 

Kaolin Clay: a great addition for providing a gentle touch to sensitive and dry skin. 

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