Pure Turmeric Clay Mask

Pure Turmeric Clay Mask

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Created to fade dark marks, Our Pure Turmeric Clay Mask is essential for Its anti-inflammatory properties, which slows down cell damages and can help calm redness, reduce the appearance of scarring, while brightening the skin, and fighting acne.

Please use with caution because this mask can stain. We recommend following up with our Hibiscus Toner and Facial Oil (also removes turmeric stains from skin)

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Pure Luxe. In small batches, we carefully created a special handmade formulation using plant based, cold-pressed ingredients and/or steam distillation. We absolutely love our furry  family, and We DO NOT participate in any animal testing. Our products are used to nourish and moisturize sensitive and dry skin while restoring balance and providing tranquility to your well-being. 

2 oz Glass Jar

Directions: To create this mask, use  1/2 teaspoon of mix with a few drips of water and stir to get a creamy texture. Apply to face and let it sit until it dries ( normally up to 15 mins ). Rinse off with warm water or clean off with a warm towel. We recommend following up with our facial Toner and moisture 

** you can always wipe off with warm towel when it starts to dry

 Recommend using once A Week.

Key Ingredients

Turmeric Powder: Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties, fights acne, eczema, reduces dark spots and circles, protects against sun damaged skin.