Black History Sampler

Black History Sampler

  • $54.00

Every year we do a Valentine’s Day Sampler, but this year we will be doing a Black History Sampler. It feature scent blends that we have been working on as well as products that may not be available for individual purchase. This box consist of: 

4 oz Complete Body Elixir called “Shout”. Enjoy this mellow blend of Frankincense, sensual Lavender, and soft sets Jasmine. 

5 oz soap bar called “Courage”. It is a loud aroma of a subtle cinnamon stick, followed by grapefruit shadings. 

4 oz Exfoliating Scrub called “Vivid”. This beautiful Exfoliating scrub is nothing less than Perfect! It features a fruit and floral aroma, infused in hemp seed oil. 

each product represents an amazing Black historian and my favorite quote from them.