Baby Rose collection “Moisturize and Soothe Eczema & Dry Skin”

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Prevent or soothe your baby eczema and dry skin by using our Baby Rose Collection. Each product is handcrafted to perfection using powerful ingredients that provides subtle nourishment, which results in a happy baby with beautiful skin. Each product can be used daily and a little goes a long way. Please keep in mind that this is a routine and requires he use of all products. 

**** IF YOUR BABY HAS SCALE LIKE SKIN, ITCHING, and SCRATCHING, it is recommended to get the set!

Rose Relief Soothing Salve is designed for everyday use to combat dry sensitive skin and eczema, while preventing or nurturing irritated skin. It is infused with Organic oats, calendula, chamomile, and roses. Fall in love with the fresh smell of lavender. 

Rose Comfort Baby Oil is designed to ensure baby's peaceful night sleep, or perhaps a restful nap time. It is mildly scented in a drop of lavender and vanilla essentials, that will aromatically create a lull comfort zone, while moisturizing and hydrating baby skin. Infused in our carefully blended, olive oil mixture calendula, rose, chamomile oil. 

Baby Powder is essential to our babies skin. This one is made up of chamomile, lavender, calendula, and roses, blended down to fine powder to be infused with our soft clays. 

Rose Balm is a baby stick made up of natural oils and butters like coconut, shea, and cocoa butter to assist with those itchy irritating moments baby gets every once in a while. This also helps to seal in moisture.

perfect soaps to add on for babies and children 

Chamomile Calendula soap bar and Manuka Honey & Oats soap bar

  • 4 oz Rose Relief Soothing Salve
  • 4 oz Rose Comfort Baby Oil
  • 4 oz Baby Powder
  • 1 oz Rose Balm