African Black Soap

African Black Soap

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The Best African Black Soap Is Authentically Sourced In West Africa, So It Was Only Right That We Provide Our Skin With The Best Of This Genuineness. It Is Suitable For All skin Types As It Reduces Discomforts Caused By Inflammation and Dry Skin. We Recommend This Black Soap For Everyday Usage As It Also Helps With Clearing The Skin Of Acne and Scars, While Providing Healing To Sensitive and Dry Skin. 

 Do not use directly onto skin

2-3 oz Soap Bar

Directions: you may pinch a piece off and store the rest in a container for later use. Using water, lather freely and apply this soap to your face and body USING A SPONGE, TOWEL, OF LOFFA. (Please avoid getting this in your eyes or in your mouth to avoid burning sensation). We recommend using this product daily for face and/or body.  follow up with a moisturizer with our soufflé and elixir in mind. 

* Please be sure not to leave this soap in any liquid. Place in a container or a soaping dish, Or else it will dissolve.  

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